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how to use polywatch

Member; 40 591 posts; Gender: Male; Location: CONUS; Interests: Reps and Truth in advertising; Report; Share; Posted September 6, 2012. 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you use your Dremel drill for various applications and will be changing Dremel bits and Dremel attachments many times then you will benefit greatly from making the small purchase of a Dremel Multi Chuck. Even deeper scratches can be removed by repeated use. With polyWatch you can make the crystal shine again. Most of the people buying PolyWatch will be those owning fashion watches with watch crystals made of plastic, especially owners of Swatch and Fossil watches. Finally, remove any remaining polyWatch with a cloth. Polywatch watch protector is a shield for your watch crystal against fingerprints, dirt, sweat, and more. How to change a strap on a hole case watch. When you have finished that you apply some polywatch on the crystal and you rub it hard on the crystal in circles. Finally, remove any remaining polyWatch with a cloth. Arts, Crafts & Sewing. Watch protector offers a perfect shield and keeps your watch crystal looking brand new. Reviews are mixed, however, and your success might be dependent on how deeply your screen is scratched. I have used specialist 3M glass polishing pads with some success, but it's difficult, messy and not worth the effort. Apply polyWatch to the watch crystal. PolyWatch 6417084129062 SS013059000 Plastic Watch Crystal Scratch Remover Polish Tool. This PolyWatch allows you to polish plastic, synthetic watch glasses or plexi. When used on plastic crystal the plastic becomes slightly softened and is then lapped by the finest of abrasive particles. C $22.29. From France +C $6.58 shipping. Apply polyWatch to the watch crystal. Hey OP, i see that its been a while since you fixed your scratch. The PolyWatch will turn your scratch-full watch back into its grandoise look again! Watch Lens material used on: Hesalite. Opted for the latter option as isn’t expensive and is specifically designed for the job. Clothing & Access